Why Use a Land Specialist Realtor in Northeast Ohio?

While residential real estate agents may be experts at selling houses, they’re probably not experts at selling large tracts of land. In contrast, a real estate agent who specializes in land will have experience, resources and networks especially relevant to land sales.

If you want to sell your agricultural acreage, farm, forested tract, hunting property or other large piece of land, don’t hire a residential real estate agent whose best strategy is to hold an open house. They are out of their element when it comes to selling large tracts of land.

Imagine a residential Realtor trying to walk this wooded parcel in high heels or dress shoes.

What does a land specialist do differently?

  • A land specialist Realtor spends the bulk of his advertising dollars on real estate websites that cater to people who are looking specifically to buy land. Residential Realtors, on the other hand, may put your land onto those real estate websites where the majority of buyers are not looking for land, but are instead looking for suburban neighborhood houses.
  • A land specialist knows how to present, photograph and promote a land listing to create a strong sales strategy.
  • A land specialist Realtor understands how to identify and highlight the features and characteristics of land that will help it sell, and knows what groups of people will be most interested in buying such features.
  • A land specialist is able to highlight property improvements that might otherwise go unnoticed by a residential Realtor who doesn’t have a lot of experience selling land. Wildlife habitat, standing timber, soil types, culverts, access trails, fencing, and many other factors can increase the desirability of land.
  • Acreage frequently has no postal address. A land specialist Realtor provides detailed information about a property’s location so that people who are potentially interested can understand where your property is.
  • And there are many other techniques that land specialists employ to help sell land, which may not be utilized by individuals accustomed to selling houses

Gary has been involved in land sales since 2017 and has the experience that can help you get your land sold faster and for the most amount of money. If you plan to buy or sell land in northeast Ohio anytime soon, contact Gary Howell.

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Photo credit: flickr Creative Commons, Forest by Targut